The school organises various social activities for students during their stay in Bournemouth. We can organise tailor-made activities for group bookings, and this can be discussed prior to arrival at the school. We can help you organise your own social and leisure activities. Below is a list of some of the activities we offer when have a sufficient number of students.

Pub Night

Every Monday, new students are invited to join our existing students and members of staff to have a drink in a local pub. The event is free of charge, but students will need to take a small amount of cash to buy a drink or two.

Conversation Club

Every Tuesday, students are invited to practice conversation on topics of interest to them and others. Students should be prepared to chat and develop the topics with their own opinions. Free of charge.

Cinema Club

Each week, students are invited to join our Cinema Club at a local picture house. Watch the latest blockbusters in comfort (without subtitles) on the big screen. This is a charged activity because you will need to pay for your own cinema ticket. Prices may vary, but are typically between £4 - £15.

Karaoke Club

Every Friday, students are invited to have a sing-song with others at the school. This event is free of charge.


During the warmer months, students are invited to join us for a round of mini-golf in the Lower Gardens. The event is charged and the price is typically £5.

Tennis Club

For the more active student, a game of tennis can be arranged at the local tennis club. Minimum two players! The event is charged and the price is typically £10 per court per hour.

International Party

Every so often, we will invite students to bring traditional food, drink, music and dances from their home country to share with other cultures. This event is free of charge, but we would like you to spend a bit on making / buying nice treats from your country for others to enjoy.

Beach Barbecue

In the summer, we will arrange a picnic on the beach (weather depending). We will provide the grill and food. The event costs £5 per student. You may bring a friend from outside the school, but they will need to pay £10.

Weekend excursions provided by local tourism are also available for UK and European destinations.

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