We want your time with us to be enjoyable and productive, but we recognise that studying abroad can be a challenge and some people do miss friends, family and familiar places. We pride ourselves on always being there to offer advice and help for our students. We are here to educate you, but we will also take care of your emotional well-being.

At British School of Marketing International most of our students are aged over 18, but we also offer courses to students aged 16 and 17. All 16 and 17-year old students are required to stay with host families. These homestays will be thoroughly DBS checked to ensure they are suitable for younger students to stay there. Students under 18 will be given extra help regarding transportation to school, and will be shown where to catch public transport if required. Host families will expect students to be home by 10pm at the latest, and if a student is visiting friends at the weekend or during the week they must inform the host family of this arrangement. If students are travelling during the late evening we ask them to take a taxi back to their host family. Our welfare officer will explain more about travel and transportation during the induction at the school.

British School of Marketing International does not tolerate any use of alcohol, drugs or smoking for 16 and 17 year olds. The UK has strict laws concerning 16 and 17 year olds. They are not allowed to consume or buy alcohol until they are 18, and you must be over 18 to go into a bar or nightclub. People under 18 are also not allowed to purchase tobacco products or smoke anywhere in public.

Safety and care is of paramount importance to the school. Students aged 16 and 17 will have access to a 24-hour telephone line, so help is always available. The numbers are 01202 068136 or 07809373696.

Information for students, parents and guardians

-16 and 17-year olds may study with students aged 18 plus.

- Students will travel unsupervised between the school and homestay. On the first day they will be shown where to catch public transport.

- Students will be unsupervised during break times and after school.

- 16 and 17-year old students must return to their homestay by 10pm and they should take a taxi if travelling during late evening. Public transport is acceptable at this time if they are travelling in a group.

- The school does not provide 24-hour supervision.

- 16 and 17-year students will need to book a transfer via the school from our authorised transfer company. When they enter the UK a driver will be waiting in "Arrivals" with a name board, and escort them directly to their homestay.

- Students aged 16 to 17 must have valid study travel Insurance.

- The school's safeguarding policy is available on the website. Please contact the school for more information.