Internships are where higher education meets employment. Nowadays many savvy employers see internships as a year-round recruiting tool, whilst students see an internship is an opportunity to gain 'real' experience working in their chosen career. BSMI proposes various internship options to students including, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Administration and Hospitality.
An internship will give students invaluable, real-time experience in their chosen career. They will be able to sharpen their skills learned in the classroom and turn theory into practice. The knowledge gained will greatly increase their employment chances with future employers. On completion of the internship students will receive a reference letter from BSMI to aid their career search. The graduate job market is incredibly competitive nowadays, so having a full CV that includes actual industry experience is sure to be a valuable asset. It has the potential to make you stand out from the crowd.

Length -
Start Dates -
Max Class Size -
Minimum Age 18 Years

Timetable and Fees

Internships offered through British School of Marketing will have a variable schedule depending on the internship chosen for the student.


Students who choose an internship in Digital Marketing or Marketing will be directed to companies that mainly deal in this area. In some cases BSMI will handle the internships in their offices, as they are a specialized business and marketing school. The Marketing Internship will have a dedicated tutor who will accompany students to help them fully understand the subject and the specific implementation tools for the industry.

Who Should attend

Students who choose an internship in customer service will be directed to companies such as hotels, pubs, cafes, shops and stores. Students choosing an internship in business administration will be placed in the business area of Bournemouth, which may include schools, offices or other local companies. Students selecting to work in hospitality will be directed to areas such as hotels, pubs and restaurants so that they achieve a good understanding of this sector. Students will be exposed to customer management, client reception and managing duties they are responsible for on a daily basis.