Course Overview

British School of Marketing International offers a great opportunity for high school leavers and graduates to improve their professional skills for future career prospects. This program is intended for students looking to develop key skills in a business related role, including sales, marketing, administration, economics, finance and management. Whether you are a professional with many years' experience or starting a career in business and marketing related role, the career program with BSMI will give you the confidence you need to further your career in your field.

What is included?

• 3 hours of General English

• 2 hours of Business and Marketing English. Students will learn from many real life case from a cross section of busineses. There will be a showcase of different marketing strategies that companies adopt to market their products and services to B2B or B2C clients. Students will gain the knowledge and industry English they require to pursue a career in this field.

• Two CV surgery hours at the end of the course

• An internship opportunity will be presented to students who have shown a good level of business knowledge throughout the course.

• Students will obtain a certificate in Business and Marketing English.

• Module handbooks will be provided to students throughout this course.

Length 25 Hours Per Week
Start Dates -
Max Class Size 16 Students
Minimum Age 16 Years

Timetable and Fees

Class Hours Cost
2 Weeks 25 per week £250 per week
3 Weeks 25 per week £250 per week
4 Weeks 25 per week £250 per week


The following is provided for all of our students:

- The course will cover all the areas that marketers find challenging and rewarding in the modern workplace.

- The course will be delivered by experienced, qualified teachers.

- Theory and practical based training will help kick-start your career in this field.

- Small class sizes - no more than 10 to make sure your individual needs are met.

- Students will gain a certificate in Business and Marketing English accredited by the British Council.

- Students wanting to gain a diploma in this field will be introduced to a variety of diploma options to choose from during the course.

Who Should attend

Entry Requirements

This course is open to high school leavers and graduates who want to pursue a career in a business and marketing related role. Students are expected to have an English language level equivalent to B1 or above. Any experience or academic degree in business and marketing is desirable but not required. The minimum age for this course is 16 years old.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for students wanting to pursue a career in a business and marketing related role. Businesses are becoming more and more complex, therefore job descriptions in many business roles are expanding to include further skills such as IT and customer service. Gaining a professional diploma in this area shows potential employers that you are you are a qualified and accomplished professional and this may play an important role in business decisions or promotions in the future.