Partner Schools and Institutions

Our vision at BSMI

Our vision at BSMI is to provide academic marketing and business courses as preparation for University & Higher Education and professional courses for those already in careers. We aspire to grow BSMI by increasing our existing higher education partnerships and further connecting with universities around the World. With our stated aim of becoming a Tier 4 UK school, BSMI will continue to transform students and professionals into global marketeers and business leaders through study from Foundation to post-Graduate level.

Why partner with BSMI?

Here at BSMI we offer NVQ courses starting from Level 3 to Level 5. The NVQ Level 5 qualification is equavalent to two years at a UK University meaning that students can move onto a higher degree to complete their Level 6 at any University of their choice. Our graduates also find themselves in a strong position in the job market as attractive potential employees in any business related field once they complete their Level 5 course with BSMI.

Partnership with British School of Marketing International is a fully supported enterprise designed to ensure a high value experience for both students and partner schools and institutions. Schools will have a dedicated member of BSMI staff to liaise with regarding support for both marketing and student recruitment and the use and delivery of our bespoke teaching materials.

Marketing Support

Marketing of our courses to both local and external markets will be achieved through the collaborative endeavours of BSMI and the partner school using fully supported innovative methods and a mix of media and channels.

Digital Marketing

BSMI will create specific landing pages for the websites of partner institutions and channel marketing of the courses through targeted campaigns suited to the local market for each school. Using digital marketing analytics, Email marketing campaigns, Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter etc) BSMI will highlight the strengths and the unique selling points of the courses and partner institutions.

Business Development and Sales Team

All leads obtained through the digital marketing activities will be utilised by our Business Development Team for them to convert the leads into sales. Working collaboratively BSMI and individual partner institutions will formulate a sales script in order to suit the local market and factor in cultural and other practices and markers.


With a dedicated section created on the partner institution's website potential students can link directly to BSMI for enquiries and information. Partner institutions will be provided with diagnostic tools, which will allow them to further cultivate those potential learners themselves and generate leads for the institutions' in-house enrolment team.


Locally held events are a very powerful way of promoting the courses and the partner institution to the wider student and business community and to selected target groups. BSMI can supply branded, high quality print invitations and letters to partner institutions to utilise along with electronic and social media events pages. Further advice and collaboration is also available to ensure a dynamic and successful event.

Suggested target groups and demographics to invite to these events include

- Parents, siblings, family and friends of the existing students

- Companies, businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs

- Education Agents

- Feeder schools


BSMI partners works with a worldwide network of education agents who recruit students globally to our partner schools. BSMI shares access to the agents' database with our partners.

Global Education Fairs

BSMI regularly attends education fairs such as ICEF in Berlin and Beijing where we meet recruiting agents and potential partner schools and take the opportunity to connect, recruit and grow our courses in the UK and our partner schools. These fairs are excellent and highly recommended as occasions for our partner schools to showcase themselves and the courses licensed from BSMI

Teaching, Learning and Education Support

Staff training in partner schools

Staff will be provided with further training explaining the benefits to students of the course, the advantages of the collaborative venture between BSMI and your school and the course content.


BSMI will facilitate partner schools in organising seminars and workshops where the local educational needs of the geographical catchment of our partners can be discussed with academics and trainers from BSMI

Types of Partnerships

Licence Based Partnership

The partner school runs the courses on their own site using the bespoke resources provided by BSMI. Theses resources include PowerPoint presentations for each unit, Schemes of Work, lesson plans, student course books and workbooks, and handbooks for teachers and students respectively. Full teacher training will be given by BSMI and all coursework assessed in the UK as well as moderation by an external moderator. Once work is passed and courses completed BSMI will award diplomas to successful graduates.

The agent partnership

In this scenario the partner school acts as a recruiting agent on behalf of BSMI. Students either come to the UK to take the courses at our schools here or we provide teachers to run and facilitate the courses in the partner institution. The partner school is remunerated from BSMI's generous commission rates.

Progression Route Partnership

At BSMI, we have a proven track record of forming and developing partnership agreements with leading educational institutions globally and in the UK. Our goal is to continue to build strong academic partnerships with Higher Education establishments throughout the World in order that our students can benefit from the dual partnership and further their education at our partner schools. BSMI is currently working in active partnerships with Coventry University, Bournemouth University and AGSB University in Switzerland. Following the completion of the pathway programmes at BSMI, our students can continue their education by progressing to an undergraduate degree. BSMI students can join existing Bachelor degrees in year 1 or year 3 depending on which level they have studied with us.

How to become a partner

BSMI is looking for partners to expand the portfolio of the courses delivered at the school and deliver the BSMI accredited courses across the world. We'd be delighted to receive a partnership request form from you. For further details and information any of the above agreements please contact BSMI at the following email address:

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