British School of Marketing International is committed to making students time in Bournemouth as educational and enjoyable as possible. Since each one of our students experience is vital to our growth process, we take every complaint very seriously to improve the quality of our courses and the experience of our students at BSMI.

BSMI has formalised the complaints procedure making it more accessible to students, homestays and parents to raise their concerns over operational procedures, working practices or individual concerns.

BSMI provides every individual with formal and informal stages to follow in order to make a complaint. Every complaint will be dealt with courtesy, respect and fairness and be kept confidential at all times.


1. We can receive complaints via email, telephone or you can share your complaint with the Welfare Officer (Duygu Cevik) or your teacher confidentially.

2. Your complaint will be dealt objectively.

3. All parties who are also involved in the situation will be listened to objectively prior to taking any action.

4. The complaint will be recorded and an action plan will be shared with the concerned individual(s).

5. All parties that are involved will be also made aware of the action plan and the potential outcome.

6. If the concerned individual is not happy with the outcome and requires further action, their feedback will be recorded.

7. The recorded feedback will be shared with the Managing Director for further action.


1. Speak to your teacher

2. If the problem is not resolved speak to the Welfare Officer/ the Managing Director.


1. We kindly ask our homestay to contact the Welfare Officer, Duygu Cevik, to raise their complaint(s), which may be regarding a student's behaviour, welfare or other concerns.

2. The welfare officer will listen to the host family objectively before sharing their concerns with the student in question.

3. The student will be made aware of the problem in a balanced view before the school takes any action.

4. If the student is thought to be behaving inappropriately by the Welfare Officer, the student will be warned about their conduct.

5. The host family will be contacted to let them know that the problem has been raised with the student with the intention of the matter not repeating itself again.

6. If the problem continues, the student will be relocated to another host family.


If your complaint is regarding student accommodation please contact the Welfare Officer: Duygu Cevik at or call us on the following number: 01202 068 136.

If your concern is regarding the academic progression of the student please contact the Director of Studies at or call us on the following number: 01202 068 135.

If your concern is regarding the health and welfare of the student please contact the Welfare Officer: Duygu Cevik at or call us on the following number: 01202 068 136.


IF WE ARE UNABLE TO RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM If BSMI is unable to solve the problem we will refer the person(s) involved to or student complaints procedure. If the individual would rather discuss any serious personal matters with an independent body and/or in their chosen language BSMI recommends calling Child Line on 0800 1111 or your own country's embassy. These contact details are available on request.