Cancellation by the school

British School of Marketing reserves the right to cancel any course or make changes to schedules for any course. In such cases, all students will be given due notice and have the option to change or cancel. In the event of a course being cancelled by British School of Marketing prior to commencement, a full refund will be made upon request.

In the case of company sponsored students, an invoice will be raised upon confirmation by us of your acceptance. Settlement of the invoice is required prior to commencement of the course. When enrolling online, selection of the 'Company Sponsored' payment option confirms that your sponsor agrees to cover your tuition fees. In the event of failure by the sponsor to adhere to the invoice payment terms, the student will become the responsible for payment of the full fees.

Cancellation by the Student or Sponsor

Once a course has commenced cancellation by the students or the sponsors are not eligible for refund of fees. This does not prevent student substitutions in the case of company sponsored students. In such cases places for substitute delegates will remain available for 24 months, at which time the credit will expire.

Cancellation of a course by the student no later than 10 working days before the commencement date will be eligible for a full refund less any registration fee subject to clause 19 below. After 10 working days, British School of Marketing reserves the right to retain any or all of the course fees paid to offset in whole or in part any losses or costs arising from the withdrawal, save only if that withdrawal is due to breach of this contract and/or negligence on the part of BSMI.

In the case of students referred by our agents British School of Marketing's liability for refunds is limited in all circumstances to the amount of the wholesale fees received by us, and not the total retail price paid by you or your agent.

Any registration fees paid constitute reservation fees and are non-refundable in all circumstances.

Fees refunded will be returned by the method originally used for payment. Fees paid by debit/credit card will be refunded onto the same card. Fees paid to us by bank transfer will be refunded into the bank account from which the payment was made. Please note that for security reasons, refund of fees into a different account or onto a debit/credit card to that used for payment is not possible.

At the sole discretion of the management of British School of Marketing, refunds in circumstances other than those referred to above will be considered only in such exceptional circumstances as incapacity due to medical causes, which must be supported by an original medical such certificate; or bereavement. Deferral may also be offered as an alternative in such circumstances. The amount refund will be proportionate to the stage of the course the student has reached. Up to 50 per cent of the original course fee may also be deducted in respect of administrative and fee processing costs.

Circumstances in which no refund will be offered

The student withdraws because:

He or she feels that, despite possessing an IELTS or equivalent qualification, their understanding of the English language is not adequate for them to successfully complete the course. By enrolling with BSMI, the student confirms that his/her understanding of both spoken and written English is sufficient for successful completion of the course.

He/she is expelled without refund in consequence of a breach of any of the responsibilities placed on them by their contract with BSMI;

The student cancels a course subsequent to deferral but prior to the agreed new date for commencement;

The student withdraws or is expelled in consequence of unlawful or illegal conduct on his/her part.

The student's enrolment is cancelled by the school, including cancellation caused by a breach of the student visa conditions, visa refusals due to fraudulent claims, student misconduct or if the student is cancelled for unsatisfactory academic progress.

A minimum of 6 weeks should be allowed for refund application to be considered.


Definition of "Distance Student"

Any student whose enrolment, including payment and production of identification and qualification documents is conducted entirely,

- Online

- By Email

- By Telephone

Through an overseas sales agent acting on behalf of BSMI in the student's home country.

There is no direct face-to-face contact between the student and any employee or representative of British School of Marketing. Representatives of the school shall include Overseas Support Bureaus, or other sales agents in the student's home country.

In the event of an application submitted by a distance student not being processed and the student not being enrolled on the course within 30 days of payment, the student will be offered a revised enrolment date. The student is not obliged to accept this new date. If the new date offered is not acceptable, a full refund of course and registration fees will be offered.

A distance student who wishes to withdraw from the course applied, for must give written notice to the school by email or by post, of his/her intention to withdraw, no later than 7 working days after receipt of the Welcome Letter email. Subject to compliance with this condition a full refund of the course and registration fees will be made. After that time any entitlement to refund (of the course fees only) is subject to clause 11 (B).