Why Agents Choose To Partner With Us

At BSMI we pride ourselves on the proven track record we have in working with our partner agents.

BSMI welcomes collaboration with agents from all regions of the World in placing students on our excellent and innovative courses. Whether on professional or academic pathways agents can rest assured that all their students will be given full language support as well as placed in suitable and home checked, safe accommodation.

Agents are also fully supported with a range of comprehensive and state of the art marketing materials. We are, after all, a marketing school. These materials are suitable for both print and online use and are designed to maximise the agent's earnings potential through our very generous commission rates.

Becoming an Agent for BSMI

Our vision at BSMI is to provide academic marketing and business courses as preparation for University & Higher Education and professional courses for those in careers.

We aspire to grow the school by increasing our existing higher education partnerships and further connecting with universities around the world.

With our stated aim of becoming a Tier 4 UK school, BSMI will continue to transform students and professionals into global marketeers and business leaders through study from Foundation to post-Graduate level.

Our Welcome Pack

By expressing an interest in partnering with BSMI via our online form agents will receive an exclusive welcome pack and a follow up communication from one of our dedicated Agent Liaison Team.

The pack explains in detail how we support agents with marketing marketing as well as how we combine professional courses with General English and language support. The pack also highlights our links with universities and further describes course content and pathways to Higher Education and internship programmes.

To express an interest in partnering with BSMI and receive an exclusive pdf. copy of the BSMI Welcome Pack for agents and further further details on commission rates and our courses please complete the contact form.

Become our Partner

Why become a partner for Professional Courses?

In today's global digital economy the workplace is evolving and the workforce needs the skills to keep pace with these global business challenges. Skills gaps have been identified by the leading recruitment agency Hays Marketing Recruitment. It is our Professional courses at BSMI which respond to these skills gaps and the subsequent needs of employees and businesses alike.

This program is designed for students looking to develop key skills in all Business related roles. The course units include assignments designed to further your skills in sales, marketing, administration, economics, finance and management. All units are underpinned with language support in General English Whether a professional with many years of experience or at the beginning of a career in Business and Marketing , the career program with BSMI provides students with the skills and the confidence required to further a career in their chosen professional field.

Why become a partner for Pathway Courses?

BSMI has clearly established links with Higher Education providers Coventry University, Bournemouth University and the American Graduate School of Business in Switzerland. BSMI is expanding this portfolio of HE providers who accept our students onto their degree courses.

Here at BSMI we offer NVQ courses starting from Level 3 to Level 5. The NVQ Level 5 qualification is considered as two years at a UK University meaning that students have the opportunity to move onto a higher degree to complete their Level 6 at any University of their choice. Our graduates also find themselves in a strong position in the job market as attractive potential employees in any business related field once they complete their Level 5 course with BSMI.

Why become a partner for General English courses?

Students who study General English at BSMI are taught by fully qualified and experienced EFL teachers who also have expertise in English for Special Purposes. General English is taught over 15 hours in a week and covers language skills; reading, writing, speaking, listening as well as grammar and pronunciation. Students are given placement entry tests to ascertain their level under the Common European Framework protocols and regular proficiency & progress tests throughout their time with us at BSMI. Students are also able to add the Pathway and Professional courses to their studies in General English.

BSMI also provides teaching for IELTS and Cambridge First Certificate as well as other specialist qualifications such as BULATS. All teachers and staff are DBS checked in accordance with UK and EU safeguarding guidelines and safe, secure and home checked accommodation and airport transfers are available by arrangement.

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